AHRQ-Funded Project Resources Archives

ResourcesArchives.pngHealth IT projects typically utilize a variety of resource documents, such as project schedules, business associate agreements, and requests for proposals (RFPs).  Many IT and clinical project leaders have indicated a desire to access sample resource documents from organizations that have successfully adopted health IT applications and systems.

To that end, the National Resource Center has compiled a set of publicly available resource documents to serve as a reference.  The resources were created by AHRQ-funded health IT projects, and they have been organized into four major categories to facilitate quick access.

Last Modified: May 2013

Access Resources for Your Project


These resources were created during execution of an AHRQ-funded health IT contract or grant and provided to the National Resource Center by project team leaders. The resources were reviewed by National Resource Center staff, and explicit permission was obtained to share these resources.

Use of these resources is unrestricted. If a resource is described in an written article or scholarly publication, AHRQ requests that credit be acknowledged in the following way: Document Title [Internet]. AHRQ-Funded Project Resource Archives. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. [Date Accessed] Available at http://healthit.ahrq.gov/projectresources.

If you have developed a resource document and are willing to share it, please contact us.