PRISM: Personalized Reminders for Immunizations using Short Messaging Systems (New York)

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Adolescents, in particular minority adolescents, are not adequately protected against human papillomavirus (HPV) whose potential sequelae include cancer and genital warts. Despite a national recommendation for the highly efficacious HPV vaccine, completion rates among those who initiate the three dose series are low. Common knowledge gaps regarding HPV vaccination include lack of knowledge about the number of doses needed, disease risk, and misperceptions about vaccine safety and efficacy.

Health information technology (IT) interventions that link communication technologies, like text messaging, with electronic health record data offer a low-cost and scalable approach to improve vaccination completion rates. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of such interventions on vaccination coverage; however, the effect has not been as robust as needed. Personalized text messages are one potential strategy to improve vaccination against HPV.

This study will compare the use of personalized HPV vaccine text message reminders to conventional text message reminders among minority adolescents in a randomized trial. Personalized reminders will include vaccine health literacy-promoting information tailored to parental stage of vaccine decisionmaking. Conventional text message reminders will only notify a parent their child is due for the next dose. The specific aim of the study is to:

  • Compare the effectiveness in improving HPV vaccine series completion for minority adolescents of personalized text message reminders with tailored vaccine-health-literacy-promoting information versus conventional text message vaccination reminders. 

The study will enroll and randomized 956 parents of adolescent girls and boys who have received the first HPV vaccine dose. The primary outcome will be completion of a 3-dose HPV vaccine series within 12 months. If successful this project could support a new paradigm in interactive health communication in a low cost, scalable manner that may be readily disseminated.

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