Health IT Safety

Research is needed in two key areas: how health IT can improve patient safety and how health IT itself can be safely used and implemented. AHRQ-funded research provides critical evidence in both areas, and the Program recently renewed a special emphasis notice reaffirming the intent to support research regarding the safety of health IT systems.

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Publication Name Publication Year Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator
Completeness and timeliness of notifiable disease reporting: a comparison of laboratory and provider reports submitted to a large county health department. 2017 Improving Population Health Through Enhanced Targeted Regional Decision Support R01 HS020909 Dixon, Brian
Contextual computing: a Bluetooth based approach for tracking healthcare providers in the emergency room. 2017 Impact of Meaningful Use on Clinical Workflow in Emergency Departments R01 HS022670 Patel, Vimla L.
Coordinating Transitions: Health Information Technology Role in Improving Multiple Chronic Disease Outcomes - Final Report 2017 Coordinating Transitions: Health Information Technology Role in Improving Multiple Chronic Disease Outcomes R21 HS022575 Hewner, Sharon
Designing and implementing an electronic patient registry to improve warfarin monitoring in the ambulatory setting. 2017 Measuring and Improving Ambulatory Patient Safety with an Electronic Dashboard R21 HS021322 Sarkar, Urmimala
Effect of number of open charts on intercepted wrong-patient medication orders in an emergency department. 2017 Assess Risk of Wrong Patient Errors in an EMR That Allows Multiple Records Open R21 HS023704 Adelman, Jason Stuart
EHR-related medication errors in two ICUs. 2017 Computer-Based Provider Order Entry (CPOE) Implementation in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) R01 HS015274 Carayon, Pascale
Electronic detection of delayed test result follow-up in patients with hypothyroidism. 2017 Decision Making and Clinical Work of Test Result Followup in Health Information Technology Settings R01 HS022087 Singh, Hardeep
Electronic health records and improved patient care: opportunities for applied psychology. 2017 Developing Evidence-Based, User-Centered Design and Implementation Guidelines to Improve Health Information Technology Usability R01 HS023701 Ratwani, Raj M.
Enhancing Providers' Ability to Follow-up on Abnormal Test Results - Final Report 2017 Enhancing Providers' Ability to Follow Up on Abnormal Test Results R21 HS024062 Mazur, Lukasz
Epidemiology of ACE inhibitor angioedema utilizing a large electronic health record. 2017 Encoding and Processing Patient Allergy Information in EHRs R01 HS022728 Zhou, Li