Health IT Safety

Research is needed in two key areas: how health IT can improve patient safety and how health IT itself can be safely used and implemented. AHRQ-funded research provides critical evidence in both areas, and the Program recently renewed a special emphasis notice reaffirming the intent to support research regarding the safety of health IT systems.

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Publication Name Publication Year Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator
Provider and patient satisfaction with the integration of ambulatory and hospital EHR systems. 2018 Data Flow & Clinical Outcomes in a Perinatal Continuum of Care System R18 HS018649 Levick, Donald
Reduced effectiveness of interruptive drug-drug interaction alerts after conversion to a commercial electronic health record. 2018 Health Information Technology and Improving Medication Use U18 HS016970 Bates, David
Reducing emergency room visits and in-hospitalizations by implementing best practice for transitional care using innovative technology and big data. 2018 Coordinating Transitions: Health Information Technology Role in Improving Multiple Chronic Disease Outcomes R21 HS022575 Hewner, Sharon
Relating task demand, mental effort and task difficulty with physicians’ performance during interactions with electronic health records (EHRs). 2018 Enhancing Providers' Ability to Follow Up on Abnormal Test Results R21 HS024062 Mazur, Lukasz
Screening for adverse drug events: a randomized trial of automated calls coupled with phone-based pharmacist counseling. 2018 Health Information Technology Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics U19 HS021094 Bates, David
Simple workflow changes enable effective patient identity matching in poison control. 2018 Electronic Exchange of Poisoning Information R01 HS021472 Cummins, Mollie Rebecca
Supporting collaborative health tracking in the hospital: patients' perspectives. 2018 Patients as Safeguards: Understanding the Information Needs of Hospitalized Patients R01 HS022894 Pratt, Wanda
The national cost of adverse drug events resulting from inappropriate medication-related alert overrides in the United States. 2018 Health Information Technology Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics U19 HS021094 Bates, David
Triage performance in emergency medicine: a systematic review. 2018 HopScore: An Electronic Outcomes-Based Emergency Triage System R21 HS023641 Levin, Scott Ryan
Using EHR audit trail logs to analyze clinical workflow: a case study from community-based ambulatory clinics. 2018 Using Health Information Technology in Practice Redesign: Impact of Health Information Technology on Workflow 290-10-0019I-1 Ciemins, Elizabeth