Consumer Health IT

Increasingly, innovative computer and information systems are being developed to help people manage health concerns, monitor important indicators of their health, and communicate with their caregivers. AHRQ supports research to determine how these patient-facing technologies can best improve the quality and effectiveness of care.

Related Funded Projects

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Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator Start Date End Date
Power to the Patient: Design and Test of Closed-Loop Interactive IT for Geriatric Heart Failure Self-Care R21 HS025232 Holden, Richard 04/01/2017 09/30/2019
A Clinical Trial to Validate an Automated Online Language Interpreting Tool With Hispanic Patients Who Have Limited English Proficiency R01 HS024949 Yellowlees, Peter M. 09/30/2016 07/31/2021
Ambulatory Clinic Exam Room Design With Respect to Computing Devices to Enhance Patient Centeredness R03 HS024488 Saleem, Jason J. 09/30/2016 02/28/2018
Empowering Cancer Patients Through Innovations in Information Technology-Based Reporting of Precision Medicine R21 HS024984 Gray, Stacy W. 09/30/2016 09/29/2019
The Wise App Trial for Improving Health Outcomes in PLWH R01 HS025071 Schnall, Rebecca 09/30/2016 09/29/2021
Using Location-Based Smartphone Alerts Within a System of Care Coordination R21 HS025000 Liss, David T. 09/30/2016 09/29/2019
Using Social Knowledge Networking (SKN) Technology To Enable Meaningful Use of EHR Technology R21 HS024335 Rangachari, Pavani 09/30/2016 09/28/2018
Using Electronic Health Records to Support Decision-Making in Pediatric Obesity Care K08 HS024332 Sharifi, Mahnoos H. 09/15/2016 08/31/2019
Interactive Patient-Centered Discharge Toolkit To Promote Self-Management During Transitions R21 HS024751 Dalal, Anuj K. 09/01/2016 08/31/2019
A Theory-Based Patient Portal eLearning Program for Older Adults With Chronic Illnesses R21 HS024739 Nahm, Eun-Shim 07/01/2016 06/30/2019

Related Publications

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Publication Name Publication Year Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator
"The doctor needs to know": acceptability of smartphone location tracking for care coordination. 2018 Using Location-Based Smartphone Alerts Within a System of Care Coordination R21 HS025000 Liss, David T.
A comparison of electronic patient-portal use among patients with resident and attending primary care providers. 2018 Engaging Diverse Patients in Using an Online Patient Portal K99/R00 HS022408 Lyles, Courtney
A mHealth-based care model for improving hypertension control in stroke survivors: Pilot RCT. 2018 Promoting Self-Management in Stroke Survivors Using Health Information Technology R21 HS021794 Lakshminarayan, Kamakshi
A mobile app to enhance smoking cessation shared decision making in primary care - final report 2018 A Mobile App to Enhance Smoking Cessation Shared Decision Making in Primary Care R21 HS023994 Tubb, Matthew Robert
A multi-level usability evaluation of mobile health applications: a case study. 2018 Use of mHealth Technology for Supporting Symptom Management in Underserved Persons Living with HIV R21 HS023963 Schnall, Rebecca
A novel just-in-time contextual mobile app intervention to reduce sodium intake in hypertension: protocol and rationale for a randomized controlled trial (LowSalt4Life trial). 2018 A Geofencing-Based Adaptive Messaging System to Support Patient Self-Management of a Low-Sodium Diet in Hypertension R21 HS024567 Dorsch, Michael
A sleep promotion toolkit for hospitalized patients - final report 2018 A Sleep Promotion Toolkit for Hospitalized Patients R21 HS024330 Ye, Lichuan
Accessibility and beyond: designing consumer health IT for disabled individuals - final report 2018 Accessibility and Beyond: Designing Consumer Health IT for Disabled Individuals R21 HS023849 Valdez, Rupa Sheth
Addressing hospital patient information needs using a PHR portal - final report 2018 Addressing Hospital Patient Information Needs Using a Personal Health Record Portal R01 HS021816 Vawdrey, David Kent
Advancing patient safety through the clinical application of a framework focused on communication. 2018 The Effect of Health Information Technology on Health Care Provider Communication R01 HS022305 Manojlovich, Milisa