Consumer Health IT

Increasingly, innovative computer and information systems are being developed to help people manage health concerns, monitor important indicators of their health, and communicate with their caregivers. AHRQ supports research to determine how these patient-facing technologies can best improve the quality and effectiveness of care.

Related Funded Projects

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Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator Start Date End Date
Annual Conference on Health Information Technology & Analytics (CHITA) R13 HS025673 Agarwal, Ritu 04/01/2018 03/31/2021
School-Based Tele-Physiatry Assistance for Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs Living in Rural and Underserved Communities R01 HS025714 Marcin, James 09/30/2017 07/31/2022
Exploring the Utilization of and Outcomes from Health Information Exchange in Emergency Settings R21 HS025502 Dixon, Brian 09/01/2017 08/31/2019
Integrating Contextual Factors into Clinical Decision Support to Reduce Contextual Error and Improve Outcomes in Ambulatory Care R01 HS025374 Weiner, Saul 07/01/2017 04/30/2021
Power to the Patient: Design and Test of Closed-Loop Interactive IT for Geriatric Heart Failure Self-Care R21 HS025232 Holden, Richard 04/01/2017 09/30/2018
A Clinical Trial to Validate an Automated Online Language Interpreting Tool With Hispanic Patients Who Have Limited English Proficiency R01 HS024949 Yellowlees, Peter M. 09/30/2016 07/31/2021
Ambulatory Clinic Exam Room Design With Respect to Computing Devices to Enhance Patient Centeredness R03 HS024488 Saleem, Jason J. 09/30/2016 02/28/2018
Empowering Cancer Patients Through Innovations in Information Technology-Based Reporting of Precision Medicine R21 HS024984 Gray, Stacy W. 09/30/2016 09/29/2018
The Wise App Trial for Improving Health Outcomes in PLWH R01 HS025071 Schnall, Rebecca 09/30/2016 09/29/2021
Using Location-Based Smartphone Alerts Within a System of Care Coordination R21 HS025000 Liss, David T. 09/30/2016 09/29/2018

Related Publications

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Publication Name Publication Year Project Name Contract/Grant Number Principal Investigator
Collaborative Patient Portals: Computer-based Agents and Patients' Understanding of Numeric Health Information - Final Report 2018 Collaborative Patient Portals: Computer-based Agents and Patients' Understanding of Numeric Health Information R21 HS022948 Morrow, Daniel
Emergency information management needs and practices of older adults: a descriptive study. 2018 Addressing the Personal Health Information Management Needs of Older Adults R01 HS022106 Turner, Anne M.
Evaluation of a patient-centered after visit summary in primary care. 2018 Development of an Electronic Medical Record-Integrated Enhanced After-Visit Summary R21 HS023844 Federman, Alex D.
Expanding nursing approaches to address addiction: mobile health technology. 2018 mHealth Delivery of a Motivational Intervention to Address Heavy Drinking Among College Students R21 HS023875 Kazemi, Donna
Feasibility of an image-based mobile health protocol for postoperative wound monitoring. 2018 Patient-Centered Postoperative Wound Surveillance Using Current Technology R21 HS023395 Kent, K Craig
Focus section health IT usability: applying a task-technology fit model to adapt an electronic patient portal for patient work. 2018 Improving Healthcare Quality with User-Centric Patient Portals K01 HS021531 Ancker, Jessica
Health Information Technology Usability Evaluation Scale (Health-ITUES) for usability assessment of mobile health technology: validation study. 2018 Use of mHealth Technology for Supporting Symptom Management in Underserved Persons Living with HIV R21 HS023963 Schnall, Rebecca
Home is where the head is: a distributed cognition account of personal health information management in the home among those with chronic illness. 2018 vizHOME: A Context-Based Health Information Needs Assessment Strategy R01 HS022548 Ponto, Kevin
How 6 organizations developed tools and processes for social determinants of health screening in primary care: an overview. 2018 Clinical Information Needs of Community Health Centers for Health Information Technology R01 HS023324 Cohen, Deborah Jill
Implementation of the Canadian CT head rule and Its association with use of computed tomography among patients with head injury. 2018 Clinical Decision Support for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury K08 HS021271 Melnick, Edward