Health IT Survey Compendium

Picture of a SurveySurveys are useful tools for collecting both quantitative and qualitative data when evaluating health information technology (health IT) projects. However, developing and validating surveys can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. Individuals and organizations interested in evaluating health IT applications can benefit from using surveys that have been developed and validated by others.

To that end, the National Resource Center has compiled a set of publicly available surveys to serve as a reference. To facilitate your search, the surveys have been categorized in four ways.

Last Modified: August 2013

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Goals and Methods

The Health IT Survey Compendium provides a centralized and regularly updated resource of health IT surveys. This collection is not intended to represent the entire set of survey instruments and tools available in the health IT community, but to represent surveys that are publicly available.

The National Resource Center obtained many of these surveys from AHRQ grantees. Others were found via searches on PubMed, BioMed Central, and the Internet. Selected surveys were classified into four searchable categories: 1) type of survey (described below), 2) type of health IT technology, 3) care setting, and 4) respondent type.

If you know of a survey that you would like to see included, or if you have developed a survey and are willing to add it to this resource, please contact us at

Survey Types


These surveys assess the benefit (e.g., improved safety, improved efficiency) of a given technology in a given environment.

Current State Assessment

These surveys describe current use of health IT in a health care environment (e.g., how do clinicians use handheld devices?).


These surveys evaluate an end-user's perception of a particular technology's functionality.

Needs Assessment

These surveys determine the specific health IT functionality needs of a targeted group.


These surveys evaluate user levels of satisfaction with health IT functionality and design.


These surveys assess the ease with which users interact with the health IT interface to achieve their goals.

Vendor RFI (Request for Information)

These surveys are sent to vendors to request information about specific products.