Health IT Evaluation Toolkit

Health IT Evaluation ToolkitWith the large investments required for health IT projects, stakeholders are increasingly demanding to know what the actual value of these projects has been, or will be. Evaluations allow us to determine whether or not what one has set out to accomplish has been accomplished, and to help us to understand what has worked in a given project and what has not. Lessons that emerge from evaluations help to guide both your team, as well as others, in their approach to projects in the future.

Evaluations must therefore be an integral part of any health IT project. The AHRQ National Resource Center for Health IT developed the attached toolkit to help project teams think through the process of developing an evaluation plan of their project. Section I outlines a step by step process for a team to determine what the goals of a given project are, what is important to their stakeholders, what needs to be measured to satisfy those stakeholders, what is truly feasible to measure, and how to measure those items. Section II includes a list of measures that are often employed in health IT projects. Each of the provided tables includes a list of possible measures, suggestions on data sources that can be leveraged for each measure, cost considerations, potential pitfalls and general notes. Section III contains some examples of a variety of implementation projects.

Health IT Evaluation Toolkit (PDF, 400 KB) 

Health IT Evaluation Measures - Quick Reference

Within the Health IT Evaluation Toolkit are many suggested measures that address the following types of outcomes:

  • Clinical Outcomes
  • Clinical Processes
  • Provider Adoption and Attitudes
  • Patient Adoption
  • Knowledge and Attitudes
  • Workflow Impact
  • Financial Impact

A brief description of each measure is provided within the Toolkit including its quality domain, suggested data sources, and potential risks. These Health IT Evaluation Measures: Quick Reference Guides expand individually on some of the measures to include current findings in the literature, methodology for measurement, and analysis considerations. Each guide will provide evaluators the tools they need to design a study around a given measure.

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Last Modified: December 2013